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the OOC place for the strange days RPG

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Same mod, different name. [May. 2nd, 2006|04:26 pm]
the OOC place for the strange days RPG

[mood |busybusy]
[music |Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack]

Just a quick update so this thing doesn't look deader than dead- after a few odd co-incidences (I can hear Oprah now: there are no co-incidences!) I'm going to get this game up and running again. Or should that be finally. Anyway...

Everyone but Harry and Bella are available (Draco is on hold)! So if you're sick of looking for games and only finding ones where 'all the good ones are taken', this is your chance.

Reply to this entry to secure a character, filling out the short request form as seen here: http://community.livejournal.com/strange_words/379.html#cutid1

As it says in that original post, when I send you your info and application post it up on this board rather than sending it to me. I like everyone on the board to make a decision on these things.

Right, now I'm off to knock up a banner for us, tinker with some information given in HBP (even though we're AU, it's nice to be a canon as you can) and work on a few more things. I should be in full organise mode by next week.
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Harry's vision [Feb. 23rd, 2005|01:16 am]
the OOC place for the strange days RPG

[mood |creativecreative]
[music |Tom Jones]

Here's a bit of backup story I found lying around on my hard-drive, it details the vision Harry has of the attack on the Order members the night of the Riddle House massacre.

She’s been taken to St.Mungos.” Hermione whispered...Collapse )
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example entry [Apr. 4th, 2005|09:55 pm]
the OOC place for the strange days RPG

[mood |creativecreative]
[music |TV: Roger Rabbit DVD extras]

This is the post to refer to if you're having trouble setting everything out. Of course, if you're the person who wants to play Severus you already get to see you project, lucky!

Example project-a sneak peak at Severus!Collapse )
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^_^ [Feb. 14th, 2005|08:51 pm]
the OOC place for the strange days RPG

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Jack Black- let's get it on]

This is the intro post for the OOC board! This is where you can leave requests for joining the game, just look under the cut and fill out the info then post it in a seperate entry. This way everyone on the board gets to decided if they'd like to play with you rather than it just being up to me.

application exampleCollapse )
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